What Are Prescription Orthotics?

Prescription Orthotics are custom made devices that provide comfort and support for your feet. These inserts have been crafted to be just right for you and no one else. They match the unique contour and shape of your feet and should move naturally with you. Orthotics are made after your podiatrist has performed an complete examination of your feet, legs, and ankles.

They are designed to prevent abnormal motion when you walk. They can also be used to treat foot pain and help with injuries like tendinitis. They are also usually constructed of light-weight plastic or graphite. This allows them to be flexible, comfortable, and durable.


Some ortho devices are made to be a little softer and provide cushion and support. This is the type typical used to treat diabetic foot issues, and other uncomfortable conditions. Foot problems like plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and bursitis can be helped through the use of Orthopedics. Most research shows that podiatrist prescribed options have the most success.


Prescription insertions do cost more than those you can buy over the counters. But many feel the additional cost is worth it. Unlike retail versions, prescription inserts are molded to fit your foot. This means you should experience little discomfort wearing them.


Retail inserts are not as well designed. While they can offer some comfort – for minor issues. However, if you are suffering from more series foot problems, you’ll find a prescription device much more helpful.


Over-the-counter shoes inserts are great for those who just need a little extra cushioning while walking. If you are experiencing serious pain or discomfort it’s time to schedule an appointment with a licensed podiatrist.


We will perform a thorough examination of your feet. We will also listen carefully to you and try to assess what may be going on with your feet. After information is gathered from the initial exam a determination on how to proceed will be reached. For minor issues your podiatrist may just recommend an over-the-counter solution.


If you need custom inserts, then Dr. Shelton will perform a foot scan. Those images will be used to custom order an insert for your foot. It takes a few days for the insert to ordered. Afterwards, we will custom fit the Orthotic to your foot.


If you do not see your insurance provider, contact our office.



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