Top Podiatrist Tips To Save Your Feet

If you need to spend a lot of time on your feet, your really need to treat them well. Foot injuries can be serious, and very often, they aren’t caused by just one accident or injury but wear and tear over a period of time. That’s why it helps to get tips from a podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in feet, to prevent foot problems before they happen.

Top Podiatrist Tips To Help Save Your Feet

Invest in good shoes: If there is one item in your wardrobe that you should not skimp on, it is decent shoes. This is particularly true of people who spend a lot of time on their feet because of their jobs or athletic activities.

Look for shoes that provide cushioning and support. Even if you are not a runner, consider running shoes because they have been developed to help preserve feet from a lot of pounding. Also, cushioning and support don’t last forever, so be prepared to replace shoes as needed. If your job won’t allow you to wear athletic shoes, you can find dress shoes that were designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Wear Shoes In The House: You don’t need to wear heavy shoes in the house. However, you should probably have a pair of slippers or even flip flops to wear inside. These can keep you from accidentally hurting the sole of your feet if you happen to step on something.

If you don’t like people wearing outside shoes in the house, invest in some inexpensive rubber sandals that are only to be worn inside the house. If you just can’t see yourself always having shoes on, at least consider wearing socks.

Get the right shoes for sports: If you do happen to job, hike, or play a team sport, make sure that you purchase shoes that are designed for the particular activity. For example, runners shoes are designed to provide support and also some stride control that can help keep you from developing stride problems or even twisting your ankle. Surprisingly, you will probably find that you have greater endurance and suffer from fewer aches if you wear the right shoes.

Good Shoes Can Save Your Joints And Back Too

Here’s another plus to investing in shoes with support, cushioning, and stride control. You will find that your knees, back, and maybe even your head suffer from fewer aches and pains. By having your whole body cushioned, you can do your entire body a favor!

Good shoes don’t have to be expensive, and they will certainly cost less than a doctor’s treatment for an injury or severe pain. While many quality brands may cost over $100, there are some good choices for less. Keep in mind that cheaper shoes will probably have to get replaced more often because they will wear out, pricier shoes might last longer, and you will end up spending the same over a period of time and save on your back and joints when you have the right support.


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