Preparing Your Home for Foot Surgery Recovery

Everyone heals at their own pace after foot surgery. To support your post-surgical healing, there are things you can do ahead of time to get your house ready for your recovery.

At Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic in Sandy and Highland, Utah, we provide the comprehensive guidance you need before, during, and after foot surgery. Our double board-certified foot and ankle surgeon Scott Shelton, DPM, uses the latest surgical techniques to ensure a great outcome for your procedure.

Dr. Shelton offers some advice below to help you prepare yourself and your living space for a smooth and safe recovery.

4 tips to safeguard your home in advance of foot surgery

Safeguarding your house aims to prevent unintended injuries that can interfere with your foot surgery results. Preparing your house before surgery can also ensure you have what you need nearby until your mobility improves.

Here are four house-prepping tips to consider before your surgery date:

1. Declutter the floors

Do a careful walk-through of your home with a focus on the floors. Be sure to clear away anything that can pose a trip or fall hazards, such as unsecured rugs, toys, pet items, and other clutter.

Focus on clearing important pathways in your home, including between your living room and kitchen and your bedroom and bathroom. Make sure the space is wide enough to accommodate assistive devices like crutches or a walker.

Additionally, you might want to add nightlights to light the way to the bathroom, kitchen, or other areas you must travel to at night.

2. Set up your resting spot

After foot surgery, you may not be able to put any weight on your foot for several weeks. You should also get as much rest as you can to better recover from the trauma of surgery.

Ideally, you should set up a spot on the same floor as your kitchen and bathroom. You may feel more comfortable in a recliner chair that elevates your legs during the day and a comfortable sofa at night.

Make sure there’s a table nearby that can hold your medications, drinks, and other essentials, so you can reach them without standing up.

3. Buy the supplies you need

Speak with Dr. Shelton about any medications you need during your post-surgical recovery. He can prescribe antibiotics and other medications in advance, so you have time to pick them up at the pharmacy.

You may also want to invest in ice packs, supportive pillows, and a shower chair if you don’t already have them to make your recovery more comfortable. Make sure to stock up on nutritious groceries in advance, so you have what you need for a week or more.

4. Enlist the help of friends and family

In the early stages of recovery, moving around the house can be especially difficult. Be sure to have people on hand that you can rely on to make meals, bring in the mail, and help you bathe safely.

You also need someone who can bring you back to the office for your first postoperative follow-up visit if you’re still taking medications that make you drowsy.

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