How Are Orthotics Customized?

Orthotics are a therapeutic tool you can use to improve the health of your feet and ankles. Many people benefit from orthotics when they have pain or other symptoms from plantar fasciitis or other podiatric conditions.


At Alpine Foot & Ankle in Sandy and Highland, Utah, our double board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Scott Shelton, DPM, offers custom orthotics to treat a range of foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Shelton customizes the orthotics you need to ensure you get high-quality results from them.


Custom orthotics can provide reliable results and are more durable than over-the-counter devices. If you need orthotics for symptom relief, you can count on Dr. Shelton’s customization expertise.


What to know about orthotics


Orthotics are prescription medical devices that support the structures of your feet and ankles. We have a range of orthotics available to address your specific condition, including shoe inserts and ankle braces.


The materials used to make your orthotics can involve::


Soft materials


Soft orthotics help absorb the shock of your movements and relieve pressure on blisters, calluses, and other sore spots of your foot or ankle.


Rigid materials


Rigid orthotics are made of durable, nonflexible materials that won’t change shape. This type of device limits movement in the joints of your feet and ankles.


Semi-rigid materials


Semi-rigid orthotics are made of soft materials that are reinforced with rigid materials. This type of orthotic can improve your balance during physical activity and also supports your muscles, tendons, and joints.


Customizing your orthotics


To create the custom orthotics you need for treatment, Dr. Shelton completes a physical exam of your feet and ankles. He may also request X-rays or other diagnostic imaging tests to assess your joints and soft tissues.


Our office features 3D scanning technology that Dr. Shelton uses to create digital scans of your feet. We send the scans to a Sole Supports lab that creates orthotics that mold perfectly to your foot or ankle to ensure reliable support.


When your orthotics are ready, you visit our office again for a fitting. Dr. Shelton checks the fit of your devices and can make needed adjustments, so you feel comfortable and supported.


We also evaluate your custom orthotics regularly to check for wear and tear or other damage that can affect their fit.


When to consider custom orthotics


While orthotics are available in retail stores, they typically can’t provide the support and protection that custom orthotics do. We offer custom orthotics to treat a range of painful conditions, including:

Those with diabetes can also benefit from custom orthotics to lower their risk for ulcers, nerve damage, and other diabetes-related complications. We also offer comprehensive diabetic foot care in-office to protect the long-term health of your feet.


Athletes at all experience levels may also consider custom orthotics to improve their balance and reduce their risk factors for overuse and other sports-related injuries.


Ideally, you should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at our office whenever you notice changes in the function of your feet or ankles or if you experience persistent pain, decreased range of motion, abnormal bumps, or other foot and ankle symptoms.


Call the Alpine Foot & Ankle office in Sandy or Highland, Utah, to schedule a consultation for custom orthotics or book an appointment online today.


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