Can Orthotics Correct Flat Feet?

Flat feet are a common podiatric condition that can contribute to pain in the bottom of your feet and swelling in your ankles. If you’re looking for pain-relieving solutions, custom-fit orthotics may be worth exploring.


At Alpine Foot & Ankle in Sandy and Highland, Utah, our double board-certified foot and ankle surgeon Scott Shelton, DPM, provides orthotics from Sole Supports. They specialize in custom-fit orthotics that mold to the shape of your foot to maximize support.


Dr. Shelton can determine if you’re a candidate for custom orthotics for flat feet after a comprehensive foot and ankle exam and a review of your symptoms.


Why do you have flat feet?


Flat feet occur when the arches on the inside of your feet flatten against pressure. When you have flat feet and stand up, the entire bottom of your foot rests against the floor.


This condition occurs when your foot arches don’t develop properly in childhood. In some cases, children experience flexible flat feet where they have visible arches when sitting that disappear when standing. Some children outgrow the condition and have no issues with their arches later in life.


You can develop flat feet suddenly if your arches collapse after an injury. Arches can also gradually fall due to wear and tear on the structures in your feet. As you age, the tendon supporting your foot arch can weaken and eventually tear.


Other factors that can contribute to flat feet later in childhood and adulthood include:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Shelton completes an exam of your feet when you’re sitting, standing, and walking to understand the severity of your condition and the symptoms it causes.


He may also order diagnostic imaging tests to check for tendon tears, stress fractures, and other issues that may contribute to your foot pain.


Orthotics and other treatment options for flat feet


Orthotics are custom-fit devices that provide extra foot support for people with flat feet. While shoe inserts and other orthotics aren’t a cure for the condition, they can relieve some flat feet symptoms.


If you’re a candidate for custom orthotics, Dr. Shelton takes measurements of each of your feet and sends them to Sole Supports for creation. The company makes custom orthotics made of durable materials to provide you with lasting arch support.


Orthotics may not provide sufficient pain relief for severe pain or mobility issues because of flat feet. However, Dr. Shelton may recommend physical therapy to strengthen the soft tissues in your feet to better support your arches.


If you have tendon tears that cause your arches to fall, you may need surgery. Surgical treatment focuses on repairing torn tendons and stress fractures that can contribute to flat feet. Dr. Shelton may recommend custom orthotics after surgery to support your feet, prevent pain, and reduce your risk for further tendon issues.


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