Aren’t Orthotics for Senior Citizens?

You may be surprised to learn that you can benefit from the same type of orthotics that your grandma wore, even while you’re still young.


At Alpine Foot & Ankle, we specialize in custom-made orthotics from Sole Supports. Our double board-certified foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist Scott Shelton, DPM, recommends orthotics for people of all ages and from all walks of life.


Dr. Shelton uses custom orthotics as an early treatment for many chronic conditions. He can also combine other therapies with the use of orthotics as part of your treatment plan for chronic foot or ankle pain from injuries or underlying diseases.


What to know about orthotics


Orthotics are devices that improve the stability of your feet and ankles. They can also provide the extra cushioning support you need to prevent swelling and chronic pain.


Custom orthotics are made to fit the exact contours of your feet and ankles. This ensures your orthotics fit well and provide support in all the right places.


Alpine Foot & Ankle provides different types of Sole Support orthotics, including shoe inserts that optimize your overall posture and inserts customized to your activities and weight. The manufacturer even offers orthotics for children to enhance their foot and ankle support.


Why you might need orthotics when you’re still young


We offer custom orthotics to accommodate the needs of individuals of all ages. Dr. Shelton may recommend orthotics to address foot and ankle conditions like:

People with diabetes who are at increased risk for foot ulcers may also benefit from custom orthotics that relieve pressure on the soles of the feet.


If you’re athletic and participate in high-impact sports like soccer, football, or running, Dr. Shelton can determine if orthotics can provide the support you need to protect your foot and ankle joints.


The process of getting your custom orthotics


Typically, the process of getting your Sole Supports custom orthotics involves two office visits with Dr. Shelton. At your initial visit, he completes a thorough evaluation of your feet and ankles. Dr. Shelton may also request X-rays or other imaging tests to assess the soft tissues and bones of your feet and ankle joints.


Our office features advanced technologies that take 3D digital scans of your feet. We send the scans to the Sole Supports lab that creates the devices you need.


You return for your next visit when your shoe inserts or other orthotics are ready. Dr. Shelton shows you how to use them correctly and can adjust your orthotics if needed to improve your comfort and support.


In addition to custom orthotics, we offer other treatment options to relieve moderate to severe pain from arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or other conditions. For instance, if you can’t find lasting pain relief using orthotics, Dr. Shelton may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or administer corticosteroid injections directly into your foot or ankle.


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